Sunday, November 8, 2009

A Little Too Early For Me

And what is she talking about, you ask? Well, I ma tell you. A week ago (November 1) I was in The Dollar Store to pick up some candles (I burn them every day) and I almost ran out of the store screaming "Nooooooo" when I heard Anita Baker singing a Christmas song! Halloween wasn't even cold yet and here I am inundated with Christmas songs, decorations and trees! Yes, I saw a Christmas tree the other day. I tell ya, it's too soon. I'm old school, and back in the day Christmas didn't begin to rear her head until the week of Thanksgiving. And only after the bird was carved were Christmas ditties played on the radio and on the tele.

This Christmas is going to be a bit bittersweet for me as it will be the one year anniversary of my "event." I'm already beginning to feel a bit melancholy. Frankly, I'm still in awe at the awesomeness of God's power and His sparing me. There are parts of my head that are still tender to the touch after having being sawed open and put back together with staples. It's a trip, y'all. Just please be grateful for each day and know that the next day (or minute) is not promised.

Eat life and love laughter.
Peace and hair grease.
BTW, pick up my book "Chocolate Lemons and Peppermint Tears: The Bittersweet Life of Xena" if you haven't had a chance. It will be a good and fast read over the Christmas holidays.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

This Is It

I saw the film yesterday and first and foremost there is absolutely no reason why Michael Jackson is not alive today. From the footage I saw he was robust, completely in charge, friendly, gracious, generous, happy, funny and definitely in his element. His dance moves were stellar and his voice sounded strong and experienced. Watching him "do what he do" and do it so well was uplifting and inspiring but it also left me sad even though I could've sat in the theatre all night and watched him.

Michael's moves also reaffirmed to me that the man had soul - oodles and boodles of it. I'm talking about eating BBQ in the backyard, playing spades, and listening to James Brown type of soul.

I was mesmerized from beginning to end. Kenny Ortega did a stupendous job of conveying the magic that is Michael. The tour, that sadly was never meant to come to fruition would have been an "event." Words cannot describe the vision that unfolded before me on that screen. When Mike sang "Earth Song" it was all I could do to not fling myself down the aisles of the theatre. That would not have been a good look and besides it wasn't about me, it was (and still is) about Michael.

I was hoping that the movie would bring me some sense of closure; but it has not. I'm still so sad and in a state of disbelief. Hearing him referred to in past tense sounds so utterly foreign to me. It's akin to hearing another language and not understanding what you're hearing. But he is gone. Forever. And I pray that he has finally found the sleep that evaded him for so long.

Rest well, King of Pop. You will always have a special place in my heart.