Saturday, August 2, 2008

Don't Hate...It's NOT cute.


Some (not all) black men (especially youngish ones - 34 and under) disappoint me. I had drinks with a gal pal Friday night at a local restaurant where the bar area is kinda cool. Anywho, since it was Friday night the place was crowded - no biggie. After we got our drinks I scanned the room to find a place for us to sit (or stand). I spotted a place and I walked over to where two black guys were sitting and asked one of them if he would mind if my friend and I shared their space. One of the guys looked at me (with a slight sneer) and responded with a shrug, "Yeah, sure." Granted, I'm no Beyonce, but I'm certainly am not a troll. Whatever.
Anywho, there were a couple of older gentlemen (40's) who were gracious enough to relinquish their seats so that me and my friend could sit. They received 54,687 brownie points (each) for being so chilvarous. Bravo to them; apparently, they were raised well. Anywho, as I sat down, young buck literally turned his back to me and continued talking to his friend (another black guy). Talk about disrespectful. It really turned me off. I mentioned it to my friend and she said, "It's his problem, not yours." True...true...but the act was sooooo funky. What's the deal? Why would he even trip like that? I'm cute; I smell good; I present myself well. And I certainly was not trying to hit on him.
I'd love to hear your thoughts.
Peace and hair grease.