Thursday, August 4, 2016

Good Thursday morning,

And that's exactly what it is... a good morning.
Why?  Because you woke up and you're able to read this post.
Hopefully, you have no impairments and your ability to move around without assistance from a person, or a walker or a cane is not an option you have to deal with.

But check this out:
What if the only way you could move around is with the aid of a walker and you've been on this walker since July 9?

My first time out of the apartment was August 1 when I was able to run several errands (with the magnanimous help of a friend).  Getting up and down the 15 stairs was quite the experience but I made it.  Using the walker to get around was an effort, but I got through it.  Getting in and out of an SUV was an effort but I got through it.

I must admit, that I did have reservations regarding being seen with the walker because I attributed walkers and canes with women who are older, or frail, or disabled, or not viable.  But, I had to get over that antiquated thinking.  The use of the walker (whom I've named Winsome) is only temporary and in a few short weeks I anticipate getting back to my regular routine.  Won't He do it?

Nonetheless, I am not driving, I am not allowed full weight bearing on my right leg, no running errands on my own, no going to the office (now, that part I'm totally not missing.),  As a matter of fact, I don't look forward to returning to the gig at all, but that's another post for another day - maybe.
I've had many many moments to think and to work on my book, and to pray and to listen to His voice because I believe this "inconvenience" I'm experiencing right now is a lesson that I sorely needed.  I need to come back to myself,  I need to really "see and hear" me.  I need to put my ducks in a row and get on with the business of getting my ish together.  I am extremely excited about the plans that I have to relocate and to return to an industry where I can thrive and where my unique talents and insights are expected, valued, appreciated and welcomed.  That is what I look forward to.

I've also learned during this time of recuperation who my real friends are.  Because as far as I'm concerned, the word friendship is a verb - its an action word.  Don't tell me you're going to be there for me and you have no intention of doing so.  Later for that mess.  But you know what?  It is all good. I only want folks on my team who want to win and want to see me win and I want to see them win.  It's really quite simple.

Fakerazation (I know that's not a word) is not my thing and I don't want it in my life ... in any form.

Otay, time to get me and my walker Winsome off my soap box.  I wouldn't want to fall and break my other hip.   LoL...   Hey, we gotta laugh, yes?

Take it easy.

Thanks for reading and please share.

Peace and hair grease.