Monday, August 16, 2010

B'days are a good thing

I celebrated my b'day yesterday (8/15). How old am I? I'm one year older than I was on Saturday. '0] and although it was low key I had a fabulous weekend and thoroughly enjoyed my celebration(s).

I had dinner @ McCormick & Schmicks with a small group of friends on Saturday. My previous b'day dinners have been bigger affairs with almost 10 folks sitting around the table. However, this year was different. I've decided no more "seat fillers" for me. If you don't have a special place in my heart then a b'day dinner invite you will not receive. There were 2 women at my dinner last year who I no longer have a friendship with. (It's interesting what a difference a year makes). And when I reached a "milestone" b'day a few years ago, there were about 25 folks at my b'day dinner. I don't even communicate with half of those people right now.
So, I said all that to say it's not about the number of folks who come to your party. It's about having folks around you who are genuine, honest, and have unconditional love for you. That's what a true friend is all about. Drama and dishonesty are not part of their agenda.

On my actual b'day (8/15), I took my nieces and my sister bowling. I love to bowl but I don't go often enough. We had a blast (I won, by the way). I'm going to add bowling to my "to do" list. It's a great little workout. And then I fixed myself a delicious seafood pasta dinner. (Now, it's back to salads again until Thanksgiving).

God blessed me to see another b'day and I am so grateful. And if God's willing and the creek don't rise next year I will be living in another city and will have a new set of friends to break bread with.