Sunday, September 27, 2009

Hello Gorgeous,

I want to thank everybody who showed up at my book signing on Saturday, Sept. 26 @ underground books in Sacramento. It was a fabulous turnout (about 30 people) and all books (sans, one) were sold. The vibe was so comfortable and the folks in attendance truly and sincerely wanted to be there. I felt the love big time and I am soooo thankful for the love and support. I read an excerpt from my debut novel (Chocolate Lemons and Peppermint Tears: The Bittersweet Life of Xena), the reaction was fabulous and I was cheesin' from ear to ear. Laughter is a good thing, yes?
Although, my morning started off wobbly; for some reason, I was full of melancholy and was getting ready to open up shop for a "pity party," but I shut that down quick and in a hurry.
No way was that going to happen; especially not on my wonderful day. A big shout out to Belinda for helping to talk me down off the ledge. Love you, B.
Once I got to the book store - which is quite beautiful and comfortable inside - it's akin to being in your living room where you want to throw on the sweats and the big socks, sink into a big sofa and read, read, read - I knew the day was going to be a good one. Mother Rose is the bomb diggity and I really appreciate her and her venue.
It was so good to see lots of friendly faces and some that I hadn't gazed upon in many years. A big shout out to my former St. Mary's of California class mates. Good looking out, y'all. '-]
The day was even more special when I was able to hold precious little Emery. He's about a month old and as precious as he can be. Thank you Kalimah (and Karla) for bringing the little Prince to the book signing. I am willing to hold him any time.
I'm thrilled and I'm looking forward to more successful signings and hopefully a best seller.
Friends, family, love and support are necessary components to having a life that thrives and moves forward without (too) many hitches in the get-a-long.
Be well, be happy, be blessed and again, thanks a million for showing a sista some love.
Peace and hair grease.