Saturday, December 19, 2009

One Year Ago Today...

A year ago today my journey began. I suffered three aneurysms, spent 3 weeks in the hospital (Dec. 19 - Jan. 13) and was off work until March 3. A lot has transpired since my "situation." I am so grateful to be alive and I give thanks to Him daily for giving me another chance to get this thing called life right. I'm still recuperating and trying (desperately) to get my sexy back. But it seems as though she's hiding and won't come out. But it's cool...she will come back to me. I will see to that.

Parts of my head are still tender to the touch but that's to be expected considering my skull was cut open with a saw and then stapled back together.

To commemorate this anniversary I made it a point to have solid plans for this weekend. Last night I went to the Dave Koz concert at the Radisson - Peter White, David Benoit, Rick Braun and Brenda Russell rocked the house. But you wouldn't know it based on the folks who were sitting near me. You would've thought they were watching a piano recital at an elementary school. Talk about dead beats. But I didn't give a damn. I paid $65 on my ticket and I was there to enjoy myself; which I did. I hollered, screamed, clapped, danced in my seat - you know - the things that most (non stick in the muds) do at concerts. According to these losers I "ruined" the show for them., one woman with that much power. Yeah right...whatever.
I told them all to kick my ass. For real.

Anywho, I digress. This afternoon I'm checking out the matinee of "Precious." I was going to see "Avatar" but I'm not interested in standing in line. I need to see "Precious." I read the book twice and the reviews have been stupendous. It's the subject matter that gives me pause. But I gotta take it like a woman and see it. Afterwards, lunch and drinks.

Remember: Life is good and it's going to get better.

Be well, be happy, be blessed and know that each day is indeed a gift and not to be taken for granted.

Have a very Merry Christmas.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

A Little Too Early For Me

And what is she talking about, you ask? Well, I ma tell you. A week ago (November 1) I was in The Dollar Store to pick up some candles (I burn them every day) and I almost ran out of the store screaming "Nooooooo" when I heard Anita Baker singing a Christmas song! Halloween wasn't even cold yet and here I am inundated with Christmas songs, decorations and trees! Yes, I saw a Christmas tree the other day. I tell ya, it's too soon. I'm old school, and back in the day Christmas didn't begin to rear her head until the week of Thanksgiving. And only after the bird was carved were Christmas ditties played on the radio and on the tele.

This Christmas is going to be a bit bittersweet for me as it will be the one year anniversary of my "event." I'm already beginning to feel a bit melancholy. Frankly, I'm still in awe at the awesomeness of God's power and His sparing me. There are parts of my head that are still tender to the touch after having being sawed open and put back together with staples. It's a trip, y'all. Just please be grateful for each day and know that the next day (or minute) is not promised.

Eat life and love laughter.
Peace and hair grease.
BTW, pick up my book "Chocolate Lemons and Peppermint Tears: The Bittersweet Life of Xena" if you haven't had a chance. It will be a good and fast read over the Christmas holidays.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

This Is It

I saw the film yesterday and first and foremost there is absolutely no reason why Michael Jackson is not alive today. From the footage I saw he was robust, completely in charge, friendly, gracious, generous, happy, funny and definitely in his element. His dance moves were stellar and his voice sounded strong and experienced. Watching him "do what he do" and do it so well was uplifting and inspiring but it also left me sad even though I could've sat in the theatre all night and watched him.

Michael's moves also reaffirmed to me that the man had soul - oodles and boodles of it. I'm talking about eating BBQ in the backyard, playing spades, and listening to James Brown type of soul.

I was mesmerized from beginning to end. Kenny Ortega did a stupendous job of conveying the magic that is Michael. The tour, that sadly was never meant to come to fruition would have been an "event." Words cannot describe the vision that unfolded before me on that screen. When Mike sang "Earth Song" it was all I could do to not fling myself down the aisles of the theatre. That would not have been a good look and besides it wasn't about me, it was (and still is) about Michael.

I was hoping that the movie would bring me some sense of closure; but it has not. I'm still so sad and in a state of disbelief. Hearing him referred to in past tense sounds so utterly foreign to me. It's akin to hearing another language and not understanding what you're hearing. But he is gone. Forever. And I pray that he has finally found the sleep that evaded him for so long.

Rest well, King of Pop. You will always have a special place in my heart.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Hello Gorgeous,

I want to thank everybody who showed up at my book signing on Saturday, Sept. 26 @ underground books in Sacramento. It was a fabulous turnout (about 30 people) and all books (sans, one) were sold. The vibe was so comfortable and the folks in attendance truly and sincerely wanted to be there. I felt the love big time and I am soooo thankful for the love and support. I read an excerpt from my debut novel (Chocolate Lemons and Peppermint Tears: The Bittersweet Life of Xena), the reaction was fabulous and I was cheesin' from ear to ear. Laughter is a good thing, yes?
Although, my morning started off wobbly; for some reason, I was full of melancholy and was getting ready to open up shop for a "pity party," but I shut that down quick and in a hurry.
No way was that going to happen; especially not on my wonderful day. A big shout out to Belinda for helping to talk me down off the ledge. Love you, B.
Once I got to the book store - which is quite beautiful and comfortable inside - it's akin to being in your living room where you want to throw on the sweats and the big socks, sink into a big sofa and read, read, read - I knew the day was going to be a good one. Mother Rose is the bomb diggity and I really appreciate her and her venue.
It was so good to see lots of friendly faces and some that I hadn't gazed upon in many years. A big shout out to my former St. Mary's of California class mates. Good looking out, y'all. '-]
The day was even more special when I was able to hold precious little Emery. He's about a month old and as precious as he can be. Thank you Kalimah (and Karla) for bringing the little Prince to the book signing. I am willing to hold him any time.
I'm thrilled and I'm looking forward to more successful signings and hopefully a best seller.
Friends, family, love and support are necessary components to having a life that thrives and moves forward without (too) many hitches in the get-a-long.
Be well, be happy, be blessed and again, thanks a million for showing a sista some love.
Peace and hair grease.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Happy Birthday to Moi

Greetings and Salutations Gorgeous,

It is Sunday, a little breezy, and thank God, not going to be hot as hades today. Sacramento heat can be brutal. And I am so looking forward to fall. That, and spring are my favorite seasons.

Anywho, my birfaday was last Saturday (8/15). I am one year older than I was the last time I posted. I'm grateful for that because it didn't have to be. A lot of folks did not wake up on my birthday nor did they wake up this morning. Each day...each a blessing.

On the 14th, I spent my birthday with good friends, munched on great appetizers, and listened to some cool jazz at the Embassy Suites. And on the 15th, I had dinner with a friend at Scott's Seafood then we headed out to the Radisson to check out Kim Waters (blazing for days on his sax) and Kenny Lattimore (he's a'right). It was a fabulous day and an even better evening. Good friends are the best friggin' thing there is - for real though.

Last night, I watched a CD of Michael's Dangerous tour in Bucharest. Home boy got off!!! What a consummate entertainer. He was all over that stage. And the people in the was a roiling sea of people, dancing, screaming, crying, fainting and MJ was loving it! It was a good concert. Frankly, I would not have been able to be there; way toooo many people and plus I'm short, everyone was standing, and I would not have been able to see shit.

That's about it. It's time to do some laundry.

Keep it greasy, y'all. Pick up my book if you haven't had a chance.

I'm out.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Now the King can really sleep

Michael's passing has finally begun to sink in for me. Despite viewing a plethora of news coverage and retrospectives and interviews about his untimely death, I guess it's really true that he's gone. Yes, I have been sad; however, I was appalled by Joe Jackson's behavior at the BET Awards when he was pimping his new music business while displaying an attitude that was completely bereft of any sadness or mourning for his baby boy's passing. What an asshole. I hope he dies with his fists clenched and his jaws tight. But it's okay, because karma is a mufuh, and he will get his.

Not only was Michael a tormented soul, he was constantly trying to gain the approval of a man who tortured him constantly by calling him blackie, big nose, and ugly when he was a child. If a child hears these debilitating commments almost every day of his life, naturally he/she will grow up with huge insecurities as well as self-hatred for himself and (probably) anything that looks like himself. Coupled with the fact that Michael could not sleep well and he was embarking on a grueling tour which required major rehearsals, it's no wonder the man was on the verge of losing it. I've had insomnia and I know how brutal it can be. But to top insomnia off with vigorous physical activity?? It's not a good combination and it's not going to work. I don't want to believe what I'm hearing regarding prescription drugs, however, Michael was trying to quench his pain - and he was in lots of that - literally and figuratively.

I have two theories of how MJ passed:

1 - He accidentally took more medication than he should have in the early morning of June 25 so that he could get some sleep.
2 - Michael may have finally realized that he could not withstand the vicious rehearsals and upcoming 50 date concert tour (50 dates is ludicrous) and he just did not/could not disappoint his fans, his kids, himself, so perhaps he decided to call it a day. I don't want to believe my second theory; however, it 's not entirely improbable given all of the obstacles he was dealing with. Yes, he supposedly was in good shape but he is 50 and he hadn't been performing for over 10 years. I'm not saying he could not have executed the tour; however, 20 dates should have been the goal.

In any event, he's gone now, so please continue to pray for his family, his children, and his soul.

And remember: Each day is a blessing and a gift and it should not be taken for granted.

Peace and hair grease, y'all.

Thursday, June 25, 2009


Dear God,

It can't be! This has to be a mirage! I am reeling from the news about the passing of Mijac; the King of Pop. What a profoundly sad day and I mean to tell you, I've been a bit of a mess. I left work early after I heard the news. I still can't believe what I'm looking at when I see the words (Michael Jackson is dead; although, personally, I prefer: Michael Jackson dies) scroll across the TV /internet screens, or hear snippets of his fabulous music.

I pray that his family is able to grasp this massive and unexplainable loss. I am still reeling; I can not believe this. Lord, God, this is unreal. It's surreal... The news reports blather away and I am not connecting the dots. It's like "What did you say?" "I think I heard you say "Michael Jackson is dead." Or "I think I heard you say Michael Jackson died, but surely you must be out of your mind." It's unfathomable; that's exactly what it is. It is unfathomable!!!

I grew up with their music. The first record I purchased as a yung'un was "ABC;" waaaaay back in the day. I purchased a '45, vinyl with the little plastic disk that had to be inserted in the middle before the record could be played. '

My God...this is unreal... I am like floored, blown a way...I'm reeling; I don't know what to do!!!

I'm out; I can't hang.

Be blessed.



Sunday, May 31, 2009

Another Month Bites the Dust

Hey y'all...
I hope you're doing well. I'm doing okay, feeling a little blah today. Why? I'm not sure. The moon will be full in about a week so maybe that's why I'm feeling this way. But you know what, it's only temporary and I'll be out of my mini-funk in a minute. It doesn't last long, praise the Lord.
It's a beautiful Sunday and I've got some things to do.
I'm proud of the Lakers - Kobe is my boy, with Trevor and Andrew not far behind. It would've been way live to see the Lakers and Cavs in a match up, but oh well...perhaps next year.'
I know you're eruditious so if you're looking for a good summer read check out my debut novel: Chocolate Lemons and Peppermint Tears: The Bittersweet Life of Xena. It's available on and trust me, you'll have a blast. And once you've finished reading it please feel free to post your reviews on Amazon, yes?
I'm out ...just wanted to say Hey.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Greetings Gorgeous,

Well, I've been back to work (albeit not full-time) since March 3 and so far, so good. My bosses are hella cool and since the top dog is a medical doc, he is well aware of my recovery process and limitations - and for that, I am very grateful.
Now about my book, Chocolate Lemons and Peppermint Tears: The Bittersweet Life of Xena, it will be released around May 15. Editing it kept me busy and my mind off thangs while I was recuping - for that I'm also grateful. I really want you to get a copy. Keep an eye on the website for info about upcoming book signings, appearances, etc.

At times I feel a little dizzy, lightheaded and nauseous, but it's all good; at least I'm not vomiting nor do I have the runs. LOL LOL. I'm probably anemic (had a blood test the other day and I'm awaiting results), so I'm eating Shredded Wheat with light soy milk (that apparently provides 90% of the iron I need daily). Not hanging out; unless it's a book related function, church, or having dinner one on one with folks, I'm really keeping it low key. I am working out, reading, and making it a point to laugh (sometimes guffaw) everyday. I've been rockin' Malia (my wig) during the week and Sasha on the weekends.

That's about it on this end. Remember: Be well, be happy, be blessed - and count your blessings.
Peace and hair grease.
I'm out.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

90 Days - Almost

Spring is in the air which is a good thing. It's one of my favorite seasons, besides Autumn.
Tomorrow (3/20) I head to San Fran to see my surgeon and Sunday, (3/22) will be 90 days since my surgery. Goodness, gracious how time flies, yes??
I'm progressing nicely; althought I still get a little tired during the day but I am dying to do some real exercises (i.e., sit ups and weights). My wigs - Sasha and Malia - are holding it down for me until I'm happy and nappy once again but that might be a minute.
I still find it hard to wrap my brain (no pun intended) around the fact that I had brain surgery almost 90 days ago. But I did. It's done. And I survived. Praise the Lord in Heaven above. When I hear a siren, I am taken back to the night of the incident. Mind you, I don't cower in a corner and howl at the moon, but the sound does bring it back home.
And the Natasha Richardson situation with all the Docs talking about the brain, and injuries and swellings and what nots, has kept the issue at the forefront of my cranial cavity. Lordy, Lordy...
Work is coming along. Half-days are hella cool and my bosses have been hella cool as well, so that kind of support always helps. Plus I have some very generous friends who have donated some of their leave credits so that I am able to work part-time.
Big ups to all y'all who are helping a sista hold it down!!
Going to be doing some final edits on my book (release date is now May 1) and I'm really looking forward to it being read, reviewed, and enjoyed. Chocolate Lemons and Peppermint Tears: The Bittersweet Life of Xena.
That's about it; I'm at lunch and I need to bounce.
Life is good and it's going to get better.
Peace and hair grease.

Monday, March 2, 2009


Hey Gorgeous,

Starting 3/3, I will be going back to work (part-time only). I'm kinda sorta looking forward to it because it will be nice to have another routine to tackle during the day. I haven't worked since December 19 so it's going to take me a minute to get back into my groove; but trust me, I will find my groove. I'll be rocking a wig (my hair is still a mess), but it's all good. I'll keep you posted.
Life is good and it's going to get better.
Peace and hair grease, y'all.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009



This is my last week to rehab at home. (I've been digging the rain). I'm due to go back to work on Monday (3/2). Feeling a whole helluva lot better but my hair is jacked up. I mean to tell you. One thing neurosurgeons aren't concerned about (before surgery) is how their patient's hair is going to look because mine is a mess. But that's superficial; what's really important is that I'm here and I was given a second chance. I'm kinda sorta looking forward to going back to work and re-establishing that routine. It has been a little over two months since I've been at my desk.
Anywho, I'm out.
Life is good and it's going to get better.
Peace and hair grease.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

My head still hurts...

...literally...when I touch my head, it hurts. I reckon it's from my head being cut open with a saw, stapled up, staples being removed, and now it's healing. Ya think??? ;-]
Greetings, I'm getting stronger each day and feeling a whole helluva lot better. I don't have to suck down as many pain meds, but I still get tired in the afternoon and I look forward to napping.
I'm driving - not far - just to the store to run errands and I'm not getting on the freeway - yet. I believe that being independent (again) is helping with my healing process. Granted, I really appreciate folks willing to cart me around to appointments, to run errands, to pick up prescriptions, etc., but waiting on folks has never been a forte of mine so when my hoopty started after being dormant for so long, I jumped at the chance to get on the good foot. I still tire easily but all in all it's all good in my hood.
Count your blessings, people.
Peace and hair grease.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Second Chances are a good thing

It's Wednesday, Jan. 21 and the first time I've blogged since Dec. 17. Since that time I spent 3 weeks in the hospital (10 of which were in ICU) after experiencing a couple of brain aneurysms. The headache I had in December was a precursor. I'm at home recuperating and I have a lot of good support around me; people checking on me, offering to run errands, taking me to Dr's appts., and to the store, etc. I am very blessed in that regard. But, I am also very humbled. I have an incision in the back of my head that's shaped like a horseshoe. It's an undeniable testament that God is good and God is able. To think that another human being (whose hands were directed by God) cut open my head and literally tooled around in my brain with extremely sharp instruments, then closed me up - with staples no less - and I'm here to blog about it is a miracle. The type of surgery I had is not an easy one to get through and I am so grateful that I was given a second chance. I don't know what wonderful tasks the Lord has in store for me but they are big...real big and I'm ready for them; whatever they are. Please pray for my speedy and complete recovery and please don't take life for granted because each day is a gift - not a given.
Peace and blessings.