Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Second Chances are a good thing

It's Wednesday, Jan. 21 and the first time I've blogged since Dec. 17. Since that time I spent 3 weeks in the hospital (10 of which were in ICU) after experiencing a couple of brain aneurysms. The headache I had in December was a precursor. I'm at home recuperating and I have a lot of good support around me; people checking on me, offering to run errands, taking me to Dr's appts., and to the store, etc. I am very blessed in that regard. But, I am also very humbled. I have an incision in the back of my head that's shaped like a horseshoe. It's an undeniable testament that God is good and God is able. To think that another human being (whose hands were directed by God) cut open my head and literally tooled around in my brain with extremely sharp instruments, then closed me up - with staples no less - and I'm here to blog about it is a miracle. The type of surgery I had is not an easy one to get through and I am so grateful that I was given a second chance. I don't know what wonderful tasks the Lord has in store for me but they are big...real big and I'm ready for them; whatever they are. Please pray for my speedy and complete recovery and please don't take life for granted because each day is a gift - not a given.
Peace and blessings.